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Live videos from Melkweg

On June 20th, Overhaul played a short set of songs at Melkweg in Amsterdam. The whole gig was recorded and the resulting videos are now available to watch on Youtube!

Interview with Prog Sphere!

Overhaul talks with Prog Sphere's Nikola Savić about the band, the Daybreak EP and the future.

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// Order Daybreak Today

Overhaul's debut EP is out now!


Order your copy today! It's simple. All you have to do, is drop us a mail at info@overhaulband.com and tell us how many you want. And a little payment, of course. Daybreak itself only costs 5 euro per CD! Payment through wire transfer or safely through PayPal. Best of all: you can give most of the tracks a listen in advance on our SoundCloud page for free! We'd say you deserve this little treat.

1. Daybreak
2. Undefeated
3. Three Judges
4. Scene Two
(Dream Theater cover)

Limited Availability!